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1983 Honda Ballade Sports CR-X.jpg

Honda Ballade (AE/AF/AJ/AK/AS). 1983–6 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan, 3-door coupé. F/F, 1342, 1488 cm³ (I4 OHC), 1590 cm³ (I4 DOHC). Complement to 1983 Civic, headlined with a small, stylish coupé. Coupé won Car of the Year in Japan for 1983–4, blending style and good handling in one package. Lightweight, weighing between 760 and 800 kg. Pop-up headlights. Initially with 1·3 and 1·5; 1·6 from 1984. Fixed headlights from 1985. Exported to some countries as Civic CR-X. Sedan shared pop-up headlights with coupé, but, externally, everything behind the front wings was identical with Civic. More upscale than sister car.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Honda | Model: Honda Ballade | Predecessor: Honda Ballade (SS) | Successors: Honda CR-X (EF6), Honda Quint Integra


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