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GM EV1.jpg

GM EV1. 1997–9 (prod. 1,117). 2-door coupé. F/F, 16·5, 18·7, 26·4 kWh electric. World’s then-largest car manufacturer tried to make good on the electric car, based around the GM Impact show car of 1990. Aluminium frame to save weight. Two series manufactured: original cars for the 1997 model year had an AC induction motor with a 16·5 kWh Delphi lead-acid battery pack. The second phase saw 18·7 kWh Panasonic lead-acid batteries, later upgraded to 26·4 kWh nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) ones. Very costly to build, with virtually no parts shared with other GM products. Original models saw a range of c. 50 miles; GM claimed 70–90 miles. Second-phase models good for 100 to 140 miles. Long charge times by modern standards. Tyre pressure warning system, and electric power steering, both high-tech features for the 1990s. Never sold, but leased, to customers; GM lost money on each one. GM eventually killed the programme, not allowing any lease renewals, and most EV1s were destroyed. Only car from GM to have the parent company’s name as its marque.

Manufacturing location: Lansing, Michigan, USA

Marque: GM


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