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Ford Territory

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With buyers shifting to SUVs and crossovers, Ford Australia anticipated the changes and developed one from its venerable EA169 Falcon platform. The Territory, on its début, was a revolution for Australian manufacturers, creating a new segment. It recognized the traditional antipodean need for a vehicle that could do towing duty and have the comfort of a sedan, with the minivan room that families demanded, and the off-road pretensions of 2000s’ buyers. It did, however, have to soldier on through to 2011 with few changes, and was cleverly facelifted that year, with a diesel option. Eventually, the role of the Falcon Wagon was usurped by the Territory. Killed off when Ford closed its Australian plant. The name was revived in China on a facelifted and reworked Yusheng S330 in 2018.

Marque: Ford

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