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Ferrari F50

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1995 Ferrari F50.jpg

Ferrari F50. 1995–7 (prod. 349). 2-door convertible. M/R, 4700 cm³ (V12 DOHC). Limited-edition sports car, developed under vice-chairman Piero Ferrari to top the company’s vaunted F40, and to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Marketed as a Formula 1 car for the road, which was not far from the truth: the engine was based on the 1990 (when development began) F1 car’s block. Power at 520 PS, the most powerful Ferrari road car to that point. Lightweight carbon composites for body; flat underbody to aid aerodynamics. Design by Pininfarina, under Lorenzo Ramaciotti; despite clean-sheet design, there was a clear link to earlier models. Most of the production went to the US, before emissions’ laws tightened.

Manufacturing location: Maranello, Modena, Italy

Marque: Ferrari | Predecessor: Ferrari F40 | Successor: Enzo Ferrari

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