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A range of cars based off the Fiat 125 platform, which was already being built in Poland in the 1970s. Polonez began as a hatchback, which was refined and improved over a long production period from 1978 to 2002. The big changes happened in the 1990s as fuel injection was added and the Polonez facelifted; a long-delayed four-door saloon was included in the range in the latter half of the decade, and an estate followed soon after. By the early 2000s, it had fallen well behind the competition (it was already dated on launch in 1978) and had already been withdrawn from western markets, where it had sold its entire life on a budget price. That, plus Daewoo’s earlier takeover, and subsequent failure, saw to the Polonez’s demise as the last 83 bodies and chassis were made in 2002.

Marque: FSO

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