Dodge Monaco (1990–2)

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1991 Dodge Monaco ES.jpg

Dodge Monaco (X58). 1990–2 (prod. 139,051 incl. Renault Premier and Eagle Premier). 4-door sedan. F/F, 2975 cm³ (V6 OHC). Rebadged version of Eagle Premier, inherited from Renault’s ownership of AMC, which Chrysler bought in 1987. Under the contract, Chrysler had to buy 260,000 units of the PRV V6 engine, and since Eagle Premiers were not flying out of showrooms, the Dodge Monaco was concocted as a rebadged range-topper, even though Dodge already had the Dynasty in the segment. Monaco was a better car thanks to the more advanced Renault engineering, though it was never pushed that strongly and it wound up mostly forgotten. Generous equipment levels, roomy, very good handling for its class, better drag coefficient than Ford Taurus Mk I. Anti-lock brakes as option from 1991 as with Eagle; no airbag in any model years. Some of its ideas carried on in successor, Dodge Intrepid (1993–7). Differs from Eagle only in trim, badging and grille.

Manufacturing location: Bramalea, Ontario, Canada

Marque: Dodge | Model: Dodge Monaco | Predecessor: Dodge Diplomat (1977–89) | Successor: Dodge Intrepid (1993–7)

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