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Dacon 828

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Dacon 828.jpg

Dacon 828. 1982–94 (prod. 47). 2-door saloon. R/F, 1584 cm³ (F4 OHV). São Paulo Porsche distributor turned to making its own cars when imports were banned. The 828—the digits denoted the year, and the eighth project—though it was probably no coincidence that this was reminiscent of 928, the Porsche model which inspired it. Designed by Anisio Campos, who had created the Brazilian Puma, which, like the Dacon, was Volkswagen flat-four-powered. Three-abreast seating, but only two seat belts; light, at 650 kg, with a 2·65 m length. Very high price, limiting demand.

Manufacturing location: São Paulo, Brazil

Marque: Dacon

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