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Changcheng Hover (2005–13)

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Great Wall Hover.jpg

Changcheng Hover/Changcheng Hover H3 (CC6460K/CC6460KY/CC6672LB). 2005–13 (prod. n/a). 5-door SUV, 5-door LWB SUV. F/R, F/A, 1996 cm³ diesel, 1997, 2378 cm³ petrol (I4 DOHC), 2351 cm³ petrol, 2499, 2771 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC). One of the more widely exported Changcheng SUVs, usually sold as Great Wall Hover. Toyota chassis, Mitsubishi engine, and an outward appearance similar to the Isuzu Axiom. Scored three stars in C-NCAP. Underpowered with the 2·4, originally developing 93 kW, though a DOHC 100 kW version was added in 2009. Stretched limousine version (CC6672LB) also available with a 6·7 m length, later 6·9 m. Became Hover H3 when Changcheng launched a facelifted version called the H5.

Manufacturing location: Baoding, Hebei, China

Marque: Changcheng | Model: Changcheng Hover | Successor: Changcheng Hover H5

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