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Cadillac Allanté

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1989 Cadillac Allanté.jpg

Cadillac Allanté. 1987–93 (prod. 21,430). 2-door convertible. F/F, 4087, 4467 cm³ (V8 OHV), 4565 cm³ (V8 DOHC). Cadillac’s attempt to rival Mercedes-Benz SL (R107), with stylish (by Pininfarina) convertible, though mated to a front-wheel-drive transmission. Bodies made by Pininfarina and flown, 56 at a time, by Boeing 747 to the US, which made for good press. Engine upgrades for 1989 and its final year, 1993, when Northstar DOHC installed. Equipment upgrades each year. Driver’s airbag from 1990; electronically controlled shock absorbers retuned that year for improved ride. Despite poor power-to-weight ratio, handling not poor, and decent acceleration from V8s. Basic suspension shared with contemporary Eldorado. Antilock brakes as standard. Fuel economy poor and not that quiet.

Manufacturing location: Hamtramck, Michigan, USA

Marque: Cadillac | Successor: Cadillac XLR

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