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Buick Excelle

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Pininfarina-styled, Korean-developed mid-line car from Daewoo, sold as Buick Excelle in China after April 2003 launch. In 2007, the Taiwanese redesigned the Excelle, giving it a unique front end, and offered the new model to Shanghai GM on the mainland. GM refused—within months it was revealed that it had worked on its own refresh, with new front and rear ends. The car was still clearly an early Daewoo Lacetti, but the facelifts result in something that looks different enough—in a very “Buick” way—to warrant its own listings after 2007 and 2008. The Daewoo roots were cast aside with the 2010 Excelle GT model in Shanghai. An Excelle XT hatchback shown at Guangzhou in 2009 is a rebadged Opel Astra J, on the same platform as the Excelle sedan. The third-generation model appeared in 2015.

Marque: Buick | Successor: Buick Verano

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