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Bitter CD

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Bitter CD. 1973–9 (prod. 395). 2-door coupé. F/R, 5354 cm³ (V8 OHV). The Bitter CD started life as the Opel CD concept car, shown at the Frankfurt motor show in 1969. It was a regarded a critical success, and Opel considered putting it into production, commissioning Frua to build a road-going version, but concluded that rebodying the Opel Diplomat would prove too costly, and instead approached Erich Bitter with an offer to help “him” introduce the CD. Former racing driver, latterly car tuner, Erich Bitter grasped the project and managed to put it into production by 1973—just in time for the first major energy crisis of the 1970s. Its Opel underpinnings were well developed, and when combined with the Chevrolet V8, produced a great car to drive, and an excellent long distance tourer. The Baur built bodies were striking, flaunting their Italian DNA.

Manufacturing location: Schwelm, Germany

Marque: Bitter | Successor: Bitter SC

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