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Racing driver and car importer Erich Bitter was intrigued by a 1969 Opel concept car he saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and although it was nothing more than a plaster cast model, he saw massive potential within its low-slung design. A deal was struck with Opel and Bitter GMBH was formed, with Erich Bitter’s reinterpretation of the Frua-styled Opel CD as its main product.

The Baur-built CD proved to be an unexpected hit for Bitter, with 395 built. Under the skin, it was pure Opel Diplomat, which was a Chevrolet V8-powered, up-scaled Opel Admiral. Sophisticated suspension set-up led to excellent dynamics, which established Bitter as a credible manufacturer of luxury GT cars.

The more affordable SC was introduced in 1979, reflecting Bitter's dependence on Opel running gear. The SC once again proved popular, although straight-six power left power-hungry Germans wanting more – and that would come later. Convertibles and saloons followed, but development of the Manta-based Typ 3 gobbled-up resources, and ultimately contributed to Bitter production freeze in 1989.

In 2007 though, Erich Bitter announced a comeback, with a new car dubbed the Vero.

q.v. Opel, Holden, Vauxhall

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