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2021 BYD Tang.jpg

BYD Tang. 2018 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door SUV. F/F, 1999 cm³ (I4 DOHC). BYD splits the Tang into two ranges: one petrol, one electric. Petrol models featured a turbocharged 2·0 (delivering 192 or 205 PS, middle of the road for the market), and have different sheetmetal from the EVs, with a pronounced D-pillar. Facelift in 2020 improved looks, with heavily revamped interior. Seating for five, six or seven inside. Priced above models such as the Toyota Highlander (XU70) on the home market.

Manufacturing location: China

Marque: BYD | Model: BYD Tang | Predecessor: BYD Tang (2015–18)

q.v. BYD Tang EV


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