BMW 6er-Reihe (E63)

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2008 BMW 630i Edition.jpg

BMW 630i/BMW 635d/BMW 645Ci/BMW 650i/BMW M6/BMW Alpina B6 (E63/E64). 2003–10 (prod. 116,748 2004–10). 2-door coupé, 2-door convertible. F/R, 2993 cm³ diesel, 2996 cm³ petrol (I6 DOHC), 4398, 4799 cm³ (V8 DOHC), 4999 cm³ (V10 DOHC). Coupé based on BMW 5er-Reihe (E60), with shark-like appearance and controversial bootlid style from design director Chris Bangle. Unsurprisingly, poor fuel economy from the V8s, indifferent manual transmission. Firm ride, good handling, very well made interior. Rear space virtually non-existent, hence both coupé (E63) and cabriolet (E64) are 2+2s. A swift large coupé, though considered inelegant alongside previous 6 (E24) and successor.

Manufacturing location: Dingolfing, Germany

Marque: BMW | Model: BMW 6er-Reihe | Predecessors: BMW 6er-Reihe (E24), BMW 8er-Reihe (E31) | Successor: BMW 6er-Reihe (F12)


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