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AC Cobra Mk IV

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1998 AC Superblower.jpg

AC Cobra Mk IV. 1997–2004 (prod. n/a, incl. 22 Superblower, 37 CRS, 2 212 S/C). 2-door roadster. F/R, 3506 cm³ (V8 DOHC), 4942 cm³ (V8 OHV). Mk IV actually began production in the 1980s, but with Ingliss’s AC Cars having been taken over by the receivers, a new firm took over the assets after 1996 and continued production in Surrey. Same as before, but Superblower announced 1997, with Ford 302 now supercharged to deliver 320 bhp. CRS (Carbon Road Series) announced 1998 at Earls’ Court, with a lower price (£38,950), a collaboration between AC and Kid Jensen Racing, using a carbonfibre body (kerb weight 1,080 kg) and the Ford V8 developing 225 bhp. Twin-turbo Lotus-engined 212 S/C also announced in 2000, but only two were made.

Manufacturing location: Weybridge, Surrey, England

Marque: AC | Model: AC Cobra | Successors: AC Mk V, AC 289, 427

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